The Heroes We Deserve

A handmade market, existential sociology of trolleys, new superheros for the ages – Blackie Blackie Brown and El Jalapeño – plus lots more for the visual sociology of May 2018!

Finders Keepers

Gorgeous afternoon at the Finders Keepers market! Bought lots of handmade goodies from these women makers. 5 May

Sociology of Trolleys: 77% of abandoned trolleys in Chippendale report feeling unhappy with rising gentrification in the area. 6 May

Things are looking up. 10 May

Liquid gold. 14 May

I think I know a haunted train when I see one, thanks. 14 May

Went to see Blackie Blackie Brown tonight. It was so entertaining! A mild mannered Aboriginal archaeologist, Dr Jacqueline Brown, gains superpowers and sets out to take revenge against the White colonisers who killed her ancestors. It was funny and clever, using only two actors onstage, plus cartoons, lights and an ingenious set. Go see it! 20 May

Workshops. 22 May

Tiny lady. Big thoughts. 24 May (Yes, it’s Bubsy)

El Jalapeño: The hero we deserve, but not the one we need right now. 29 May

León. 31 May