Aboriginal Families Seek Action Over Uranium in Drinking Water

Racist policies are making remote Aboriginal communities sick. At least three communities in central Australia have levels of uranium in drinking water that exceed health guidelines, with dozens more not meeting good quality.

“It’s an international scandal that this is allowed to happen in a country like Australia — a rich country like Australia… If that was happening in Victoria, you’d have a hell of a row… Because they’re bush people and not a concern to politicians, they don’t worry about it.”

The National Health and Medical Research Council advises: “The main toxic effect of short-term exposure to high concentrations of uranium is inflammation of the kidney. Little is known about the long-term exposure to low concentrations.”

Levels of uranium in drinking water have been exceeding guidelines for a decade. Traditional owners have been lobbying for change with viable solar power option. In 2017 the Australian Medical Association urged Gov to invest in treatment facilities in remote parts of the country.

“Water is not meeting aesthetic guidelines in the majority of the 72 remote Indigenous communities provided by the Power and Water Corporation…”

“This water looks like it’s got rust coming out and [it’s] salty, and looks bad because it’s black, and makes the stomach sore.”

ABC News.