Vivid Festival 2018 and Other Delights

The Vivid Festival, which lights up the streets of Sydney over June, is a big feature for this month’s visual sociology for June-July 2018. We marvel at the wonder of an enchanted Cinderella-esque Sociology of Trolleys. We meet a cool watermelon and other creatures along the way.

Vivid Festival

The Vivid Festival was as bright and enchanting as we’ve come to expect!

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Bangarra had another annual display by the side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, focused on their new show, Dark Emu. Based on the ground-breaking eponymous book documenting Aboriginal people’s agricultural mastery prior to colonisation.

There was a special tribute to May Gibbs’s classic, ‘The Complete Works of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie,’ animated onto Customs House, one century after it was first published. Crowds were delighted by the two intrepid adventurers who head from the Bush into the big smoke.

The Vivid Festival features a light display inspired by the science of viruses and bacteria! The installation is by Australia’s national science organisation, CSIRO, and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. The art features the structures of Ebola, Zika and Influenza projected onto buildings in The Rocks.

Food surprises

Making dumplings

Sociology of Trolleys free pumpkin edition!

Famous New South Wales yum cha experience, Rhodes Phoenix. 6 June

Light the way

Vintage zebra light. 11 June 2018

Never too late. 11 June 2018

Goodbye Vivid! 16 June

Behind the Line

Endlessly late trains. 17 July 2018.

More lights

Sociology of lights in the inner west of Sydney. 21 July 2018.

Cool as a watermelon

Mural at Broadway mall, in Sydney. Artist: MulgaTheArtist.  21 July 2018.

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