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With handmade goodies, llamas in Newtown, a Mexican mural, and weird commemorative plates, this visual sociology for September 2018 is a doozey! Let’s start with the highlight John Mawarndjul’s work.

Highlight: John Mawurndjul, Lorrkkon 1985-2008

John Mawurndjul, Lorrkkon (1985-2008). These are ceremonial logs that have been hollowed out and painted to honour the dead. 22 September

Slow fashion market

At the Petersham Town Hall, this was a super lovely day event with wonderful handmade clothes jewelry and other goodies by local designers. 1 September

Emerge Festival

Emerge Festival, Chatswood! A cultural event celebrating community and the beginning of Spring. 1 September

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Hard to swallow

Scary plates in Burwood, New South Wales. 2 September 2018.

Llama drama

The Latin Store, Newtown. 23 September


A Mexican-Australian restaurant, Sydney. 24 September 2018.

Triple Tangle

Triple Tangle,’ mural at the Museum of Contemporary Art, by Sydney artist, Gemma Smith. 30 September 2018.


Nothing better than a good book, even at the movies! 30 September

Sun Xun on the Universe, Time and Propaganda

‘Maniac Universe,’ Sun Xun (2018), made with mineral pigment on bark paper with UV-A lights. The artist, born and lives in China, drew inspiration from Australia’s Southern Lights (Aurora Australia). ‘With the extreme natural spectacle of Aurora, you have a feeling of something impossible to capture or to comprehend in its entirety, much like the animal kingdom in Australia.’ 30 September

Sun Xun, exhibition drawing on mixed media to depict a parallel reality of propaganda figures, mythical creatures, cities, ancient townships and our relationship to time.


I did a podcast interview a few weeks ago on the social science and ethics of colonisation of Mars and other planets. I also discussed what we need to think about from an equity and diversity perspective to enhance the future of science. We have a responsibility to fix our beautiful Earth and make science inclusive of Indigenous people and other communities of colour. The interview will be aired in the near future; I’ll report back when it’s published. 30 September 2018