Lunar New Year 2019 – The Pig

People in the foreground take photos of a large white sculpture, which on closer inspection is made of hundreds of white pig faces with pink noses and ears, and in other places, pig bums with pink curly tails. The sculpture is immersive, and you can walk around the inside in a circle. The Sydney Opera House can be seen in the background on a sunny day

Artist John Deng was born in Beijing, arriving in Australia in 1989, and now lives in Goulburn, New South Wales. “In China, the pig is known for having a lucky and happy character and a sense of humour. In the Western world, people say ‘pigs might fly’. This artwork explores both eastern and western notions about this lovable animal… Pig can be characterised as honorable, philanthropic and optimistic. The Pig can be incredibly focused and achieve great things.”

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