The power and danger of words: Chinese artist indicted for writing a poem

Sui-Lee Wee reports on Reuters that Chinese artist-activist Zhu Yufu, aged 60, has been indicted on subversion charges for a poem he wrote one year a go. The poem is titled ‘It’s time’. It was published online. Here is one verse published in Reuters:

It’s time, Chinese people!

The square belongs to everyone

the feet are yours

it’s time to use your feet and take to the square to make a choice.

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Revolution in Wukan, China

On the 14th of December, The New York Times reported on the growing social protests in the coastal village of Wukan in Southern China. The New York Times reports that 13,000 to 20,000 residents rallied together to run all of their city officials out of town, after a long battle with the local government over land disputes and allegations of corruption. In September, thousands of the village residents protested against the local government’s sale of a village-owned pig farm for luxury housing. The government pocketed $156 million and gave nothing back to the people who did not want their livelihood and land sold off in the first place. Part of the land was used as a cemetery for the village ancestors (Financial Times Asia via the Shanghaiist). Other issues that led to the revolt include growing pollution in the village and police brutality.

Above: a child in front of a damaged government office in Wukan.

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