Sociologist on the Line

During the federal election, in July 2016, when the nation was still optimistic for change.

Sausage sizzle, cakes & second hand books at my local polling booth, Canberra, July 2016.

Australian voting tradition means we eat sausages after participating in democracy.


Youth Protest During the Election in Chile

On the 17th of November, Chile voted in the national election. Michelle Bachelet has won twice as many votes as her major opponent (47% of votes) but this may not be enough for a win.

Al Jazeera English explore the importance of student activist movement on the election. Students protested for free education and improvement of services. Bachelet was popular amongst low income and among younger voters, but not everyone was convinced that social change can happen.

Putin Set to Win Russian Presidency by 66% Majority


Despite the thousands of people who have protested against Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s run in Sunday’s upcoming Russian election, Sky News reports that Putin is set to win the Presidency. In an election where 110 million people are eligible to vote, Putin is likely to win 66% of the majority. Political analysts believe that Putin’s win is assured due to his popularity amongst working-class Russians who see Putin as representing national stability. If successful, this will make Putin an unprecedented leader. Having already ruled Russia for eight years as President, and serving as Prime Minister since 2008, this election will assure him another six years at the helm of one of the world’s most powerful nations. Thousands of protesters are likely to take to the streets should Putin take leadership. Sky News Moscow correspondent Amanda Walker writes:

How protesters react to a Putin victory will be a test of their strength.

How he responds in turn will be a test of how he intends to run his country when votes no longer matter.

Image and information: Sky News.

To read more about the protests, see my post from December 2011.