Science Rules Google+


Science on Google+ is a Community that I help to moderate. With close to 230,000 members, our Community is the largest science community on Google+ as well as one of the top 10 biggest communities on Google+. Social Times also named us as one of the fastest growing communities on that social network, noting that Google+ has a more active membership than LinkedIn, Twitter and Tumblr. The fastest growth ha sbeen amongst people interested in science.

Our Moderation team are all qualified scientists encompassing the major branches of the sciences: Applied, Earth, Life, Physical and Social.

Our aim is to elevate the quality of science discussion on social media, so that we’re going beyond surface level science news stories. We encourage our members to write about peer reviewed science in an engaging way to reach a broader audience. We regularly work to debunk junk science and to dispel myths and hype perpetuated by the media. We also have sections to discuss cross-disciplinary issues such as policy and practice, and a dedicated space for the public to ask questions of scientists.

I curate the Social Sciences stream. If you’re interested in reading, writing or chatting about science, join us! 

Gendered Algorithms

Kimberly Chapman finds that when she changes her Google+ Profile to male, she gets more technical and important stories being fed through Google+’s What’s Hot algorithm than she usually gets when her profile is set to woman. As a woman, she gets stories about kids, weight loss and “graphical platitudes” such as “I don’t need a perfect one, I just need someone who can make me feel that I am the only one.” As a male she sees no platitudes, but instead gets stories about technology and “nerd” posts that actually match her interests.

One of the reason I’m on Google+ (and I know many others too) is because I want to have a dedicated social media feed for science that isn’t diluted. And guess what? Scientists are not just stereotypical cisgender men, but we are also cisgender women and transgender people. Google+ needs a lesson on gender stereotypes. Continue reading Gendered Algorithms