Muslim Ban and Visas for Researchers

Trump Uphold Human Rights for ALL

Given the Trump Administration’s Executive Order that aims to revoke visas to nationals from seven Muslim-majority nations, what is your professional society doing to further support conference travel to the USA?

This post shares a personal example, before providing background context about the Executive Order, how scientists have responded, and what research organisations may need to consider in terms of academic conferences.

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Public Sociology in Columbia

César Rodríguez-Garavito describes what it’s like to be doing public sociology in some of the most dangerous areas of Colombia, working with indigenous groups in a context of war between paramilitary and FARC and the invasion of foreign capital, what he fittingly calls a social minefield. He shows the possibilities and limits of international law that require prior consultation over development projects that involve land expropriations, population removals, and community destruction.

Source: ISA.