Maria Gaetana Agnesi: The Witch of Agnesi Curve

Two STEM women on Google Doodles this week! Biochemist Dorothy Hodgkin, the only British woman to win Science Nobel prize (in 1964), was on UK’s Google Doodle on Monday. Today we have mathematician Maria Gaetana Agnesi. The committee of the Académie des Sciences wrote that Agnesi’s work embodied “skill and sagacity.” ( I pusblished the following on Agnesi’s work on STEM Women. Continue reading Maria Gaetana Agnesi: The Witch of Agnesi Curve

Italian-Australian Migrant Women

Italian-Australian activist Anna Moo talks about her attraction to social justice and how she worked with a group of migrant women in the 1970s to achieve policy changes on migrant women’s reproductive health. Moo says:

We really wanted to connect back with the women that we were advocating with. They were not aware of health services that might have been available to them. The W.I.C.H. [Women in Industry Contraception and Health] education project was developed in conjunction with Australian women and women from many different backgrounds with the support of a number of organisations.

And the fantastic aspect of that education kit is the fact that it was taken to the factories by women who were themselves from multicultural backgrounds. Each worker spoke a language, a community language, whereby women could actually ask questions and be supported through the discussions. You know, what’s really amazing is that we still have Women in Industry Contraception and Health, it’s called a different name but it’s still that organisation…

It’s really a testament to what women can do together.

Source: Immigration Museum.

Visual Sociology of Avondale Heights, Melbourne

Avondale Heights is a Northern municipality in Melbourne, a stone’s throw from Maribyrnong. This photo is of the giant steel fish, the Seychelles Blenny. It featured on Australia’s 10 cent stamp in 2003 and a sculpture of it was used in the 2006 Olympics ceremony in Melbourne. Continue reading Visual Sociology of Avondale Heights, Melbourne