Representing Science at the Dinosaur Museum

According to one of the educators at Australia’s Dinosaur Museum in Canbera, Deinonychus is “the raptor that should have starred in Jurrasic Park.” It is bigger than the Velociraptor (which was misrepresented in the famous film) and it is now believed to be warm blooded, fast and smart.

I met this champion of science outreach as part of my visual sociology series exploring how “science” is represented in museums, galleries and public displays. In this case, the tour, which was very good, included a lot of dispelling of Jurassic Park myths and amusing editorial by the presenter.

The presenter noted that many of the dinosaurs on show likely would not look the way they’ve been represented, with many dinosaurs long-believed to have feathers. No one asked why the dinosaurs are being displayed incorrectly, but this is likely because of Hollywood (and perhaps the cost of updating the figures) Continue reading Representing Science at the Dinosaur Museum