Today’s Weekends With a Sociologist lunges us into the heart of Australian suburbia. There’s revelry in Australiania, a notion that I’ve never been especially comforable with, but we’re plunging in all the same! You’ll see there is much to cringe about, and more delights in store, in Jon Campbell’s Word. The Irish-Australian migrant artist lives in Coburg, an inner Northern suburb of Melbourne. The exhibition is based on his artworks that use numerous light boxes to emphasise the language of the working class in the inner Northern and Western suburbs of Melbourne, the typical signage seen along country roads, and Anglo-Aussie surf culture. Banners host Aussie venacular, pub menu items, live music posters, and peculiar messages familiar to locals.

This exhibition includes Stacks On (2010) and the 65 metre mural commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art.


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The Life and Death of a Shadow

The Life and Death of a Shadow. Artist Jumaadi created this story for the Museum of Contemporary Art exhibition, Telling Tales: Excursions in Narrative Form. Working in Sydney Australia and Yogyakarta Indonesia using Javanese shadow puppets, it is the true story of a deaf musician teaching his blind sin the art of wayang kulit, or shadow puppetry. “Spirits filled the living room, witnesses to this enchanted performance.”