Buunji – National Indigenous Education Conference

NITV news reported from Buunji, the National Indigenous Education Conference in early November.

Organiser Lillian Gordan says they are promoting Indigenous identity, Indigenous diversity and Indigenous sustainability and an improved delivery of education in a way that won’t interfere with traditional culture.

It’s about bringing everybody together. Buunji is a Wiradjuri word meaning ‘to share,’ that everyone is coming together pretty much from all across the nation, what they’ve done and what they’ve seen and what their hopes are into the future for Aboriginal education.

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Polygamy Among the Yirrkala People

Indigenous-Australian local leader, Dhalulu Ganambarr-Stubbs, from the Yirrkala in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, Australia, speaks about growing up with a father who had seven wives. In her culture, this practice was the norm and she sees many benefits to her upbringing.

Insight covers polygamy.