Gay Enough: Human Rights of Gay Refugees

Since the 1990s Australian law has recognised sexual persecution as grounds for refugee asylum. Still, applicants are forced to go through a protracted process of proving their “gayness.” This excellent video features University of Sydney researcher and activist Senthorun Raj telling the story of Ravi, a Bangladeshi asylum seeker, who was forced not just to establish his sexuality, but to defend his commitment to his queerness. Ravi’s problem was that he was not “visibly” gay in the way the law expected. Yet refuge law on persecution is not simply about looks or physical persecution. Continue reading Gay Enough: Human Rights of Gay Refugees

Sociology of Animation: Rocko’s Modern Life

Ever had cabin fever? Here’s what it looks like on Rocko’s Modern Life.

Rocko was not one of the most convincing Australian characters produced by Hollywood, but still – I loved this show so much. Whenever I’m in trouble I find myself wondering: ’Where are you Really, Really Big Man’?


In Queertoons, sociologist Jeffery P. Dennis argues that Rocko’s Modern Life was just one of many 1990s cartoons that depicted same-sex desire. I do not agree with his analysis, because I think Rocko and Heifer were depicted as simply good friends, but let’s have a read regardless: Continue reading Sociology of Animation: Rocko’s Modern Life