Marriage Equality Rally

I marched at the Marriage Equality rally in Sydney on 10 November, among with 30,000 people! It was the biggest LGBTQIA protest in Australian history and also the biggest rally ever in Sydney. Over three quarters of Australians participated in the voluntary postal vote on marriage rights. The Opposition and most other major parties opposed the postural vote as it is very expensive ($121 million) and unnecessary (the vote should have been held in Parliament, where it likely would’ve passed by majority conscience vote).

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Strathfield Spring Festival

Today is the Strathfield Spring Festival! There are free shuttle buses to Strathfield Park. What a great day! Dancing from around the world. Lots of enticing food. Martial arts. Random little kids of colour coming up to me and staring or just smiling (always happens with little Brown and Black kiddies. I think it’s my bright lipstick. Also clearly the word is out in the babies of colour community that I’m a great auntie.

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Visual Sociology of Art in Melbourne

Visual sociology of Melbourne’s art for August-November (filmed on my Vine!).

Street art in Melbourne. 31 August 2014

[Video: street art featuring original comic characters. Public takes pictures]

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