6 thoughts on “White male privilege

  1. The inaccuracy baffles me. Men are majority of the unemployed, majority of suicides, majority of imprisonment, serve longer jail sentances; also, males lose 64% of the time in custody!


    1. Unfortunately everything you say here is incorrect and tellingly, you use the blanket category “men” on a post about White male privilege. Indigenous men and women make up proportionally higher rates of those incarcerated relative to their population size. Similarly Indigenous Australians, other people of colour, and transgender people are overly represented in suicides and the unemployed. Men do not lose custody of children; research shows that most custody arrangements are negotiated by both parents and only a small proportion of cases go to court.

      “White men” does not equal all men and White men have many social benefits and protections that are less accessible to other groups.


      1. And you’re just “blanketing” all “white men” as one homogeneous group.
        You do realise that not all white men are millionaires.
        That there are rich white men, sure, but there’s also poor white men, homeless white men, incarcerated for petty crimes white men, etc, etc.

        Are you honestly trying to tell us that ALL white men have “privilege” over women and/or non-whites.
        Even the rich or even just upper-class ones?

        White and/or male “privilege” is just a smokescreen for the real privileges.
        Those based on wealth and connections.

        Am I going to say that non-whites don’t have problems. Of course not.
        But most of the time it’s because they come from poor and/or broken families, not (just) because they’re not white (and most of those are still men).
        It’s because we live in a culture that doesn’t give a fuck about the poor, and cares more about the hurt feelings of upper-class (and I’ll admit, mostly white) women than the average man (or woman) trying to live their shitty lives.

        Sure there’s a lot of RICH white men who need to be taken down a peg, but to cast all whites and/or men as the same (especially the poor ones) is just dishonest and probably racist.

        White male privilege is mostly a myth and most of society’s problems are caused by rich and/or powerful jack-offs abusing their powers.
        Supported by right-wing a-holes giving tax cuts to them instead of helping the poor.
        And supposedly left-wing a-holes giving the cash to upper-class spoilt brats with hurt feelings.

        Meaning that the actual oppressed class (ie. the poor) are caught between the spoilt brats who think everything is “white” privilege or “male” privilege or whatever, and the Alt-right scum who pretend that they want to bring “rationality” back, when they just want a race war and don’t really care who gets hurt in the crossfire.


      2. Dear Hogtree. You seem very upset about white privilege. You should be. Patriarchy is the worst. Unfortunately for you, all of what you think is original about your argument here is addressed in my various articles and the links and resources on my blog. You haven’t bothered to engage with the concept of white privilege, which is not about being rich at all. Please enjoy reading the sociological references I discuss. Engaging with Whiteness studies critically will do wonders to heal that White male rage that led you to sprout uninformed opinions on a research blog. Start with Michael Kimmel’s work and embrace the fact that critiques of race are not a personal attack on your personal liberties. Equality for Others does not mean you will miss out.


    1. Hi Geoffrey,

      You are extrapolating that an image about white male privilege invalideas issues of suicide, when suicide is not mentioned anywhere. The article this is linked to is about Sexism on Wikipedia. I’ve written elsewhere on this blog about white male privilege – feel free to get educated on what this term means.


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