Interview: Decolonise Space

Sirenum fossae, a qudrangle of Mars. It looks like a giant crator on the bright red landscape

I was interviewed by Newsweek on the inequalities embedded into the way people imagine colonising other planets. I discussed how the language we use about ‘colonising’ Mars whitewashes the history of colonialism on Earth:

‘“Language is one of the ways in which we shape our social reality,” Zuleyka Zevallos, a sociologist at Swinburne University in Australia, told Newsweek. That means using terms like colonise carries real risks. “The history of colonialism has taught us that there is no democratic way to colonise other lands,” she said. “It is about profit, and profit always marginalises minorities.”’

Read this insightful article featuring other experts, here.

2 thoughts on “Interview: Decolonise Space

  1. We can but due to dust storms and debris falling around mar planet its nt suitable for settlement for human and temperatures is high some times so life in space otherwise good for spirit of adventure.


    1. Moiti Kennedy The article is not about the physical conditions or sense of adventure. It is about the inequality of colonisation and its ongoing effects and how these will carry over in building new settlements.


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