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You can read my publications free from my website or alternatively click on the links below.


  • 2012 ‘Context and Outcomes of Intercultural Education Amongst International Students in Australia’, Intercultural Education Journal. 23(1): 41-49. Obtain PDF from publisher
  • 2011 Brennan, L., Z. Zevallos, and W. Binney ‘Vulnerable Consumers and Debt: Can Social Marketing Assist?’, Australasian Marketing Journal 19(3): 203-211. Obtain PDF from publisher.
  • 2009 L. Tolsma and Z. Zevallos Enhancing Community Development in Adelaide by Building on the Social Capital of South Australian Muslim Communities. Hawthorn: Institute for Social Research. Free webpage or Free PDF.
  • 2008 ‘“You Have to be Anglo and Not Look Like Me”: Identity and Belonging Among Young Women of Turkish and Latin American Backgrounds in Melbourne, Australia’, Australian Geographer 39(1): 21-43. Free webpage or obtain PDF from publisher.
  • 2008 Zevallos, Z. and N. Kontoleon ‘The Currency of Violence: Applying Sociological Knowledge to the Modelling of Political Violence’, in T. Majoribanks et al. (Eds) Re-imagining Sociology: Proceedings of The Annual Conference of The Australian Sociological Association, 2-5 December.  Melbourne: Melbourne University. Free webpage or Free PDF.
  • 2007 ‘Sociology as “Other” Representing Sociological Knowledge within a National Security Context’, in B. Curtis, S. Matthewman and T. McIntosh (Eds) Public Sociologies: Lessons and Trans-Tasman Comparisons. TASA/SAANZ 2007 Joint Conference Proceedings. Auckland: University of Auckland. Free webpage or Free PDF.
  • 2007 ‘The Hijab as a Social Tool for Identity Mobilisation, Community Education and Inclusion’, in S. Ozdowski (Ed.) Access, Inclusion and Success: Muslim Students at Australian Universities National Conference 3-4 September, Conference Proceedings. Sydney: UWS. Free webpage or free PDF.
  • 2006 ‘What Would Durkheim Say?  Altruistic Suicide in Analyses of Suicide Terrorism’, in V. Colic-Peisker and F. Tilbury (Eds) Sociology for a Mobile World: Proceedings of The Annual Conference of The Australian Sociological Association 4-7 December.  Perth: University of Western Australia. Free webpage or Free PDF.
  • 2006 ‘“Because We Live in a Multicultural World”: Multiculturalism as a Lived Ideology’, in S. Velayutham and A. Wise (Eds) Everyday Multiculturalism Conference Proceedings, Macquarie University 28-29 September 2006.  Sydney: Macquarie University. Free webpage or Free PDF.
  • 2005 ‘Being Australian Is Having Some Sort Of Cultural Background’: The Australian Identities Of Turkish And Latin-American Women’, in R. Julian and R. White (Eds) Community, Place And Change. Proceedings Of The Annual Conference Of The Australian Sociological Association 5-8 December 2006.  Hobart: The Australian Sociological Association and The University of Tasmania. Free PDF.
  • 2005 ‘“It’s Like We’re Their Culture”: Second-Generation Migrant Women Discuss Australian Culture’, People And Place 13(2): 41-49.Free webpage or free PDF.
  • 2005 ‘“Todos Somos Latinos”: Ethnic Identity Constructions of Second Generation Latin-Australian Women”, Journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies 11(1): 141-149. Free webpage or obtain PDF from publisher.
  • 2005 ‘Community/Identity: Latin Americans in Australia,’ Journal of Iberian And Latin American Studies 11(1): 93-94. Free webpage or obtain PDF from publisher.
  • 2004 ‘Where Are “Wogs” From?  Exploring Subjective Understandings of Racism’, in K. Richmond (Ed.) Revisioning Institutions: Change in the 21st Century. The Annual Conference of The Australian Sociological Association 8-11 December 2004.  Beechworth: TASA and La Trobe University. Free webpage or free PDF.
  • 2003 Z. Zevallos and M. Gilding ‘“I’m Not Your Typical Blond-Haired, Blue-Eyed Skippy”: Second Generation Australians and Multiculturalism’, pp. 186-207 in D. Weiss (Ed.) Social Exclusion: An Approach to the Australian Case.  Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. Free webpage or obtain book from publisher.
  • 2003 ‘“A Woman Is Precious”: Constructions of Islamic Sexuality and Femininity of Turkish-Australian Women’, in P. Corrigan, et al. (Eds) New Times, New Worlds, New Ideas: Sociology Today and Tomorrow. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of The Australian Sociological Association 4-6 December 2003.  Armidale: TASA and the University of New England. Free webpage or free PDF.
  • 2003 ‘“That’s My Australian Side”: The Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality of Young Women of South and Central American Origin’, Journal of Sociology 39(1): 81-98. Free webpage or obtain PDF from publisher.



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