On so-called ‘benevolent sexism’

‘There is no intellectual argument to be made in the defence of sexual harassment… The thinking goes that what is “perceived” as harassment is actually flirtation. The objectification and sexualisation of women’s bodies is an attempt at mating. These can be clumsy attempts, sure, but that’s only because our attraction overrides any sense of boundaries or social grace. We are beholden to lust. So, the increasingly thin thinking goes, much of what is being called harassment is not something we need to be worried about. If women simply looked at it differently — as a compliment, as a remark on their level of attraction — they would see that what they’ve been complaining about is the evolution of human mating rituals. It’s not sexism. It’s harmless flirting that’s being discouraged by feminists who are overreacting to displays of overt sexuality…

“We can’t decide that simply because human attraction exists, there must be an intellectual component to sexual harassment that should be taken into consideration. There isn’t. Harassment is harassment.”

Quote source. Art: Brooklyn artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh