Science Inequality in the News

A woman of colour looks into a microscope

I recently published the first of a three-part series of articles for Minority Postdoc exploring gender inequality in science reporting. My series demonstrates how social science can improve media discussions about gender in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

As we saw from the The New York Times Op Ed in late 2014, having a poorly framed study claiming “Academic Science Isn’t Sexist” is incredibly damaging. I explore this and various other examples where the media hypes up bad science and contributes to the problems women already experience.

I also show how sociology can be used to avoid dangerous stereotypes about women in science. 

The stories that the public hears about STEM are already very narrow. We need to tell more diverse stories about science; and, we need to tell these stories with honesty and a critical gaze. Stories about the triumph are good to share; but, we must not shy away from telling the tough truth about the challenges required to achieve positive change.

Read more on Minority Postdoc.

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