Peruvian food at the National Multicultural Festival.

Photo 1: top left is dessert, empanadas con nutella (little pastries filled with nutella). Bottom left is chicha morada (super refreshing drink made from purple corn, served with apple pieces). On the right is anticucho (beef skewered and cooked on charcoal, served with chips).

Photo 2: the line for deliciousness.

Source: Other Sociologist.


The Highest Resolution Image of Machu Picchu

At an astounding 15.9 gigapixels, photographer Jeff Cremer believes he has taken the highest resolution image (see below) of the World Heritage site. – Continue reading at Telegraph.

Photo by: Jeff Cremer

Ed note: The controversial answer to who discovered Machu Picchu.

Indigenous Women & Sustainability

Indigenous Women & Sustainability

Lourdes Lucila Saavedra Pilco is an Indigenous Peruvian woman and farmer who always wanted to be educated but did not get the opportunity when she was younger. Now aged 43 she has learned new skills in sustainable livestock farming, that not only responds to climate change, but also provides her more economic autonomy as a woman. In Spanish, she says: “I was the first woman [from my village] to go to Lima to do business with my livestock. … [People said], ‘You’re a woman. You’re not going to be able to.’ I loaded my cattle in the truck and I went to Lima. Women can work. We can do business. Starting with me, many women have also become leaders.” Link and quote via MS. Magazine: #sociology #peru #socialscience